Pre-Marital Counselling/Guidance

Marriage (or even living together) is unchartered territory for many couples and for others it is a chance to start again after failed relationships.

There will be many pre-conceived thoughts and feelings of how to create and maintain the right balance for a long and successful relationship.

The reality is that a long term relationships rely on hard work, learning to adapt to each others ways, learning to compromise and learning to handle differences of opinion and learning to change to accommodate a partner.

Many couples are unprepared for the changes they need to make after setting up home together. It is for this purpose I offer a pre-marital counselling course to explore issues that will arise.
This course will take between 6 or 8 weeks so ideally should be booked as early as possible after the decision to spend your lives together has been made.

Some of the issues that may be explored (depending on the couple’s preferences) are:-

  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Compromise
  • Responsibilities
  • Intimacy
  • Finance


A – Well organised, relevant topics, informative, good setting, excellent course provider. Brian was very open and encouraging. It was very well tailored to our needs and very thorough. It has given me the knowledge needed to communicate well. The realisation that problems will arise but its how one deals with them that matters. It will enable us as a couple to communicate better and value each other more.

B – I was very apprehensive about the sexual intimacy part of the course but the session turned out to be the one I found most enjoyable, Brian made me feel so comfortable and free to ask questions. I also liked how well prepared he was and the detailed course materials. Thank you for the sound counsel you have provided for us. We have found it very useful and we feel confident that the building blocks you have given us will provide a good foundation for our marriage and thanks for your spiritual and thoughtful approach. 31st May 2017