Online Counselling

I now offer telephone and online consultations (via SKYPE, Whatsapp or Facebook or other video chat facilities) for clients who feel that the traditional face to face meetings in a counselling room is not the right type of counselling for them. With an increased availability of cost effective and convenient communication methods becoming available for computers, tablets and smart phones there as been a greater demand for counselling sessions via these means which has also made counselling readily available to many people who it has not previously been available to. It can also less intrusive and time-consuming especially as there is no travel time involved.

Online and telephone counselling offer clients the same quality of counselling and confidentiality as the traditional counselling room setting and can make sessions easier to access by providing the service in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are located. You may benefit from this type of counselling if you are:-

There are many different issues that couples bring to counselling. Life is complicated and when two individuals come together life can become confused as they have different backgrounds, personalities and ways of dealing with things. Some common issues that can be explored through couples counselling include:

  • Housebound or disabled.
  • A carer or parent who does not want to be away from home for too long or would find it difficult to be away from home and responsibilities for any length of time.
  • A person who travels frequently or are too busy to commit to regular face to face appointments.
  • Living in a remote place where there is no suitable counselling services.
  • Unable to find a counselling service that can provide a service to meet your availability e.g. evenings or weekends.
  • Anxious about face to face meetings with a counsellor in a counselling room.
  • If you feel that I can help you in this way please contact me to discuss.