Couples Counselling

We all enter into romantic relationships with great expectations and a fantastic feeling of being in love, a love that can conquer everything and one that will last forever. However, being ‘In Love’ is easy and happens naturally. Usually this feeling diminishes and evolves into something deeper, more difficult and more complicated – a loving relationship. But ‘Loving’ is an act of will and takes continuous effort especially when difficult things occur and differences occur. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare a couple for the unexpected pressures of life that create difficulties in a relationship and things can escalate out of control before they know it. Small disagreements can become full blown arguments in no time at all. Even relationships that appear solid can develop problems. Sometimes couples lose sight of each other when children come along, grow up and eventually leave home couples find that they have invested so much time and effort in the family that they have lost what they once had. Many couples can work together without help to overcome difficulties and make their relationship stronger but others may need some outside help. If you are reading this page then the possibly latter applies to you. For whatever reason you are reading this you have made the first positive step in trying to repair your relationship.

Couples counselling offers you the chance to explore the difficulties together in a safe, friendly, non-judgmental and impartial environment. As such I will give you the opportunity to talk freely, help improve communication, view each other’s perspectives, help you understand what you are experiencing and most importantly encourage you to hear each other and learn to work together to resolve issues. It may provide a quick result for minor issues but it may also be a long, hard, sometimes distressing and painful journey or something in between that will require hard work and commitment from both parties.

Reasons for Couples Counselling

There are many different issues that couples bring to counselling. Life is complicated and when two individuals come together life can become confused as they have different backgrounds, personalities and ways of dealing with things. Some common issues that can be explored through couples counselling include:

  • Loss of trust
  • Affairs/betrayal
  • jealousy
  • communication difficulties
  • financial issues
  • work-related pressure
  • differing needs (including sexual)
  • family pressures and conflicts
  • different values and aims
  • parenting differences
  • life changes


A – It helped improve our relationship and we are not now thinking of separation or divorce. It helped us to see things from a different perspective with helpful insights into communication and listening.

B- Brian was very helpful in listening, reflecting and understanding our concerns and offered helpful strategies to cope and deal with the negative situation. Couple – April 2016